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Comment on 2014 Sage-grouse Season Proposals
Season proposals are now available for public review and comment. Follow the link above to get started.
Negotiated Rulemaking
Negotiated Rulemaking
Opportunity for Public Comment
— July 3 through July 23, 2014 —
Director Virgil Moore
July 9, 2014 - 4:30 P.M. MDT
See the special controlled hunt drawing info including Director Moore's letter.


Tuesday Jun. 10, 2014 by idfg-bstuder

Here in Boise today, a moose wandered into town and caused a Twitter sensation and a flurry of phone calls. 

Wednesday May. 28, 2014 by idfg-bstuder

Your chance to weigh in or ask questions about Fish and Game's plan fo

Friday May. 23, 2014 by idfg-bstuder

Secrets of Idaho's beauty are becoming more rare as the state cracked a world-wide list of lesser-known or emerging travel spots.

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